YK3X Series Vibrating Screen

YK3X Series Vibrating Screen

Strong Vibration Force, Big Processing Capacity, High Screening Efficiency

YK3X Series Vibrating Screen is a new type vibrating screen. It can adjust the processing capacity and screening efficiency easily and conveniently.
Applications: River stone, Granite, Basalt, Iron ore, Limestone, Coal gangue, etc.


Based on years of manufacturing experience and advanced technology theory, YK3X Series Vibrating Screen is a new type vibrating screen researched and developed by LIMING. By upgrading the inside structure and reducing the total weight, the screening efficiency and vibrating force has been increased greatly. Also the accepted force by the screen is more even and the operation is more stable. YK3X Series Vibrating Screen is very suitable to deal with the materials with big size or high bulk density. It is widely used in different field such as construction materials, mining, stone industry, cement, etc.

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1, YK3X Series Vibrating Screen adopts the Finite Element Analysis technology to the frame to reduce the weight, optimize the technical data which can enhance the efficiency and capacity at a large scale.
2, YK3X Series Vibrating Screen uses the horizontal synchronous belt driving structure. Comparing with the traditional gear box, it is lighter and more convenient to maintain.
3, Using high strength screen sieve which can solve the traditional screening difficulties such as big material size, high bulk density, and thick material layers, etc.
4, YK3X Series Vibrating Screen takes the relative shaft eccentric vibrator as vibration source which can reduce the vibrator weight and promote the vibration force. Also it is much more easily to maintain or replace it at the quarry site.
5, The vibrators are connected by universal joints which is convenient to install and operate.
6, By reducing or adding the counterweight plates to adjust the vibration force to meet different requirements of different materials.

Working Principle

YK3X Series Vibrating Screen is composed by screen frame, vibrator, motor and springs, etc. It use the single mass forced vibration system. During the operation, the motor drives the middle shaft, then drives the vibrator by the wheel type coupling to make the eccentric plates of the vibrator rotate fast to generate a high vibration force. Driven by the vibration force, this screen frame will vibrate continuously. With the vibration of the screen frame, the material will have the ejected motion at the declining screen sieve and then divided into different layers with with different sizes. The size smaller that the screen mesh will fell down and be separated. This process will be again and again to complete the screening job.

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